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VMware on AWS

Service Description

Service Description

VMware Cloud on AWS makes it seamless for organizations to bring their VMware Software Defined Data Center (SDDC)-based workloads to the AWS Cloud, delivered as an ondemand service.

VMware Cloud on AWS delivers proven hybrid cloud capabilities by integrating VMware with the AWS global infrastructure and breadth and depth of services.

With VMware Cloud on AWS, you can run VMware's compute, storage, and network virtualization solutions directly on AWS without giving up any of the functionality, elasticity, or security you've come to expect from AWS. VMware Cloud on AWS provides enterpriseclass application performance, reliability, availability, and security by optimizing VMware cloud infrastructure technologies to run on the AWS Cloud without nested virtualization.

Benefits of Using VMware Cloud on AWS

Benefits of Using VMware Cloud on AWS

Here are some of the benefits you get by adoption WMware Cloud on AWS:

  • Leveraging Existing VMware Investments - You can use your existing VMware software licenses to run VMware Cloud on AWS.
  • Achieve Operational Consistency - With VMware Cloud on AWS, you can use the same toolset across on-premises and cloud environments, simplifying cloud adoption.
  • Powered by AWS - VMware Cloud on AWS brings VMware SDDC to the scalable AWS global infrastructure, giving you a simple and consistent way to access the full breadth and depth of AWS services.
  • Integrated with AWS Services - VMware Cloud on AWS is seamlessly integrated with native-AWS services, giving you the VMware SDDC experience and access to all available AWS offerings.
  • Deploy Hybrid Cloud without Complexity - VMware Cloud on AWS reduces much of the complexity that is typically associated with deploying applications across a hybrid architecture.

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Our main focus is to expand our partnership with Amazon. Our cloud solution - "7o cloud" is built by implementing Veeam and VMware technologies, thus making these partnerships very important to us.

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