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Managed services


IT Operations is responsible for the smooth functioning of the infrastructure and operational environments that support application deployment to internal and external customers, including the network infrastructure; server and device management; computer operations; IT infrastructure library (ITIL) management; and help desk services for an organization.

IT operations include daily operations such as:

  • 24/7 monitoring
  • Logging
  • Database maintenance
  • Troubleshooting
  • Integrating specialized equipment
  • System auditing
  • Compliance check


IT management is responsible for handling installation, configuration, upgrades, patching of your own infrastructure or an infrastructure placed in our own data center.

IT management includes:

  • Server management for applications and infrastructure – Set up configuration, maintenance, upgrades, patching, repair, etc.
  • Network and individual storage management to insure that all applications have access to the storage requirements they need for disk, memory, backup, and archiving
  • Email and file server configuration and folder setup and authorization – I classify this as a separate area because outside of order taking & fulfillment and customer service, email and file server management are two of the most important IT functions in a company
  • PC provisioning – Acquisition, configuration, management, break/fix, applications installation & configuration, upgrades of company approved desktop and laptop devices


As a longtime service provider for clients from various areas, we are able to anticipate and recommend requirements for your IT infrastructure.

We can consult customers in areas like:

  • Amazon - as a Amazon Consulting Partner we are able to consult our clients in using appropriate Amazon service to solve their business problems
  • Azure - as a Microsoft Cloud Service Provider we are able to consult our clients in using appropriate Microsoft Azure service to solve their business problems
  • Migration to cloud - companies are moving their infrastructure to cloud, this can something be very challenging, by using right strategies we can overcome all challenges
  • Optimization of existing solution - by optimizing your solutions we are able lower the cost of your infrastructure
  • Architectural design - throughout our journey as a company we have tackled a number of large scale architectural networks
  • IT and data security - we are specialized in an area of backup and disaster recovery, by consulting our clients to use proven backup strategies we are able minimize the risk of loosing data