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Eliminate Downtime by Migrating to the AWS Cloud

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Amazon Advanced Consulting Partner

Eliminate Downtime by Migrating to the AWS Cloud

Eliminate Downtime by Migrating to the AWS Cloud
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The AWS Global Cloud Infrastructure is the most secure, extensive, and reliable cloud platform in the world. It offers over 175 fully-featured services from data centers distributed across the globe.

With millions of active customers and tens of thousands of partners globally, AWS has the largest and most dynamic ecosystem.

Customers across practically every industry and size, including start-ups, enterprises, and the public sector, are running every imaginable AWS workload.

AWS Global Infrastructure Map

AWS now spans across 77 Availability Zones within 24 geographic regions around the world; plans for 15 more Availability Zones and five more AWS Regions in India, Indonesia, Japan, Spain, and Switzerland are recently announced.


AWS has the concept of a Region. The region is a physical location around the world where AWS clusters data centers. Each group of logical data centers is an Availability Zone. Each AWS Region consists of multiple, isolated, and physically separate AZ's within a geographic area. Unlike other cloud providers, who often define a region as a single data center, the multiple AZ design of every AWS Region offers advantages for customers. Each AZ has independent power, cooling, and physical security and is connected via redundant, ultra-low-latency networks. AWS customers focused on high availability can design their applications to run in multiple AZ's to achieve even greater fault-tolerance. AWS infrastructure Regions meet the highest levels of security, compliance, and data protection.

AWS maintains multiple geographic Regions, including Regions in North America, South America, Europe, China, Asia Pacific, South Africa, and the Middle East, and new Regions are opening rapidly.

Availability Zones

An Availability Zone (AZ) is a discrete data center with redundant power, networking, and connectivity in an AWS Region. AZ's give customers the ability to operate production applications and databases that are more highly available, fault-tolerant, and scalable than would be possible from a single data center. All AZ's in an AWS Region are interconnected with high-bandwidth, low-latency networking, over fully redundant, dedicated metro fiber providing high-throughput, low-latency networking between AZ's. All traffic between AZ's is encrypted. The network performance is sufficient to accomplish synchronous replication between AZ's. AZ's make partitioning applications for high availability effortless. If an application is partitioned across AZ's, companies are better isolated and protected from issues such as power outages, lightning strikes, tornadoes, earthquakes, and more. AZ's are physically separated by a meaningful distance, many kilometers, from any other AZ, although all are within 100 km (60 miles) of each other.


AWS delivers the highest network availability of any cloud provider. Each region is fully isolated and comprised of multiple AZ's, which are fully isolated partitions of our infrastructure. To better isolate any issues and achieve high availability, you can partition applications across multiple AZ's in the same region. Also, AWS control planes and the AWS management console are distributed across regions and include regional API endpoints, which are designed to operate securely for at least 24 hours if isolated from the global control plane functions without requiring customers to access the region or its API endpoints via external networks during any isolation.

Global Footprint

AWS has the largest global infrastructure footprint of any provider, and this footprint is continuously increasing at a significant rate. When deploying your applications and workloads to the cloud, you have the flexibility in selecting a technology infrastructure that is closest to your primary target of users. You can run your workloads on the cloud that delivers the best support for the broadest set of applications, even those with the highest throughput and lowest latency requirements.


The AWS Global Cloud Infrastructure is built to help users design highly available services across the world. The options for service deployment are truly comprehensive.

As an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner, we help companies build cost-effective, performance-efficient, and highly available AWS cloud environments based on their specific needs. With over ten years of experience in providing high-end IT services, we understand the customer's needs to deliver highly available applications and services.

If you want to know more about cloud migration, cloud technology in general, AWS cloud, or you want to try AWS services:


Our main focus is to expand our partnership with AWS. Our cloud solution - "7o cloud" is built by implementing Veeam and VMware technologies, thus making these partnerships very important to us.

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