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How We Deliver Successful Cloud Migration Projects with User-centered Approach?

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How We Deliver Successful Cloud Migration Projects with User-centered Approach?

How We Deliver Successful Cloud Migration Projects with User-centered Approach?
date_range - 3 years ago

Each client is different, and there is no one size fits all solutions. This is something that we know very well.

Since the begging of our company, our approach to our customer's needs has always been user-centered. This is important because this approach is the only way to build successful projects, collaborations, long-term relationships, and deliver measurable benefits.

Today, we will talk about how and what we do to build trust with our clients and deliver successful cloud migration projects. Let's start!

Every Client is Different

We are working with various clients from various industries. Every industry has its sets of challenges and problems they are trying to solve with IT services. For example, companies within the banking industry are usually concerned about long-time data retention and security; any security breach or gap in data retention could cause a considerable fine or financial damage. At the same time, software companies that build apps for the mass market are typically concerned about the availability and low latencies. Every second lost in downtime or transit means lost revenue.

The needs of the clients also vary based on company size. Small companies are more agile, and they adopt changes more quickly and efficiently. IT is usually something that connects all of the company's departments in some way or another. The bigger the company is, the harder it is to implement changes.

Analysis and Problem Definition

Every cloud migration project starts with analysis. The analysis is essential for a good project definition. Our analysis is a one-to-two-day workshop with a client; the goal is to get a deeper understanding of the customer's problems and challenges.

Through the cloud migration analysis workshop, we define:

  • the current state of the infrastructure (hardware),
  • current pain-points (performance, scalability, monitoring),
  • the everyday maintenance and upgrade processes,
  • existing staff roles and expertise,
  • requirements for future needs,
  • possibilities for improvement.

Through the analysis, we gain valuable insights into customer's needs; after that, we can adequately propose the best infrastructure solution and tools for the customers. Our goal is not to suggest some generic solution; we are very focused on solving the customer's problem efficiently and benefiting the customer in the long run.

The Cloud Migration Project

Before the cloud migration project begins, we need to have an efficient strategic plan for critical data and apps; the goal is to minimize downtime and meet your company's continuity goals.

The cloud migration plan is structured with clear milestones. The goal is to define all steps and anticipate problems that can arise during the project. This way, our project managers can simply and efficiently manage the project and report to the project sponsors. Each migration milestone has a set of clearly defined deliverables. The project is finished after all deliverables have been delivered and the customer has signed the acceptance document, confirming that the solution we proposed is delivered.

Proactive Monitoring

After the cloud migration project has been successfully finished, the project goes into the maintenance period. Throughout this period, our 24x7 support staff proactively monitors customer's infrastructure. The goal is to ensure the proper functioning of the infrastructure and suggest any potential changes that could improve the implemented solution even further.


In today's fast-moving and diverse world, it's essential to understand your customer. Without this understanding and an approach that puts the customers' needs first, no successful project can be done.

We structured our cloud migration projects with a systematic approach to our customer's needs, and we efficiently solve their problems with long-term benefits in mind.

Even at the beginning of our company and especially throughout our company's development, we saw that the only way we could deliver successful cloud migration projects was to use a user-center approach to our client's needs. This way, we deliver measurable benefits and build long-term relationships with our clients.

As AWS Advanced Consulting Partner, we help companies of every industry and size solve their infrastructure problems with migration to the AWS cloud.

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Our main focus is to expand our partnership with AWS. Our cloud solution - "7o cloud" is built by implementing Veeam and VMware technologies, thus making these partnerships very important to us.

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